Trusted board member of multi-platform businesses.

Current Advisory Appointments



Has retained Edwin to aid in capital formation, corporate and product strategy and operational expertise. TicketManager is a Los Angeles based high-growth SaaS business that is dedicated to centralizing and automating the corporate sports and entertainment dollar to help companies utilize ticket sales as a valuable business asset.

Current Board Appointments

Verus Technology

Verus Technology

Verus Technology has appointed Edwin for ongoing board leadership for strategic planning and organizational development. Verus Technology is an early stage technology business positioned as a leader in the drone security software and infrastructure space.


Jobularity has retained Edwin to work with the founder on the market and product vision and best practices in sales and marketing for reaching the target market. Jobularity is a Silicon Valley talent management startup company.


Astreya Partners

Astreya Partners has appointed Edwin for an ongoing board leadership role for strategic planning and organizational development expertise. Astreya Partners is a sub 100 million technology solutions business that is based in Silicon Valley. The firm offers Managed Performance™ and provides the best of IT staff augmentation and IT outsourcing.



9LENSES is the leading provider of social enterprise performance software empowering customers and driving clarity, learning, and alignment. 9LENSES is a software platform that allows consultants to digitize their data collection and management so they can win more business and get smarter about the questions they ask
and the clients they engage.

Past Board Appointments

Consultancy KeyW

Everest Software

Everest Software was founded in Dulles, Virginia in 1994 to enable retail and wholesale organizations to manage every function of their business more effectively.

Everest’s fully integrated business management software addresses the challenges of growing small and midsized businesses by allowing them to dramatically increase their efficiency and profitability. Everest Software is the proud winner of numerous awards, including the SIIA Codie Award for “Best Business Software Product.”

In 2009, Everest was acquired by Versata Enterprises. Versata revitalizes best-of-breed companies for the sake of customer success, often extending and evolving products for the long term. The current reach of Versata’s companies is broad and the family grows each year through the acquisition of additional leading solution providers.

Callis Communications

Infodata Systems

Infodata Systems Inc. was founded in the early 1970’s and developed a database system from the early 1970s to the late 1990s. The Infodata database program, Inquire, was well regarded and widely used in the 1970s and 1980s. Inquire was one of the first “text” databases and used for publication storage, litigation support, and other text intense problems.

Infodata’s Inquire was a fully functional DBMS. It included an easy to use but non-SQL, query language. The basic architecture was “inverted list”, not relational.

A full decade before Oracle, Access, Alpha Five, dBASE, DB2, and other DBMS programs were available, Infodata had a working database solution. Infodata sold many hundreds of millions of dollars worth of Inquire and invested in new capabilities and features.
In the 1990s, Infodata branched out and became a consulting firm as well, specializing in Enterprise Content Management systems, primarily Documentum. They also developed their own content management system, called Virtual File Cabinet, which was a simple and quick out-of-the-box document-sharing solution for the enterprise intranet.[1] In 2001, they created an integration between Adobe Acrobat and Documentum for use in annotating documents called AnnoDoc. Infodata was a public traded company (INFD) and was acquired by McDonald Bradley in 2005.

McDonald Bradley

Callis Communications

Callis Communications appointed Edwin as a board member to provide ongoing leadership and to help create strategic and operational plans that secured 100% growth YOY and a successful sell of the business.



Ikimbo, Inc. offered communication and collaboration software for companies. Well ahead of SKYPE and JIVE, the visionary Company provided a unified applications platform that includes instant messaging, group email management, and real-time and asynchronous communication. The company was founded in 1999 and is based in Reston, Virginia.

Secure Data


As of August, 2008, Secure Data In Motion, Inc. was acquired by Proofpoint, Inc. Secure Data In Motion, Inc., doing business as Sigaba, provides security infrastructure solutions that enable industry and government to exchange information securely with their colleagues, customers, partners, and constituents.

Secure Data


Founded in 1998, XMLSolutions Corporation enabled the secure, reliable, real-time B2B exchange of direct and indirect materials transactions over the Internet, among trading partners, exchanges and marketplaces of all sizes. XMLSolutions’ technology provides true dialect independence among all existing and future EDI and XML standards. The XMLSolutions integrated solution includes support for XML-to-XML. The Company was acquired by Vitria Technology Inc. in 2001.