Executive recommendations from Edwin Miller’s professional network.

“I know of no comparable CEO with the package of energy, tenacity and leadership Edwin exhibits on a continual basis.“

John F. BurtonGeneral Partner, Updata Partners, Everest Software, Inc.

“Edwin Miller’s leadership approach combines vision, strategy and disciplined execution as well as anyone I’ve ever worked with. His ability to simplify and articulate complex issues and to rally a team to action is remarkable

Kenneth ThorntonRetired General Manager, Global Public Sector, IBM Corp.

“Edwin is the brightest and most competent CEO I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He is always thinking, strategizing, and executing: he never stops!“

Dendy YoungFormer Chairman & CEO of GTSI, Inc. (Nasdaq: GTSI)

“As CEO’s go, and I’ve met some very good ones, Edwin is an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10.“

Tim GuleriManaging Director, Investor, Board Member at Sierra Ventures, Everest Software, Inc.

“Edwin thinks like an investor, and always puts his own interests behind those of all shareholders.“

Andy JonesGeneral Partner, Boulder Ventures

“Edwin not only leads his team with courage and vision but his passion inspires others to approach each challenge as an opportunity to make a difference and leave a mark.“

Donnie BlanksEVP, Government Services, Perot Systems

“I have been a director of over twenty public and private companies and Edwin is one of the more outstanding CEOs I have worked with. In summary, I consider him an extremely well rounded CEO.“

Richard T. BueschelFormer Chairman - Board of Directors of Infodata Systems

“Edwin has been an encourager as well as voice of reason when we needed guidance as we continue to manage sky rocketing growth of 500% over 3 years“

Dean ParkerPresident & CEO, Callis Communications, Inc.